Who is my ideal client?

My ideal client is a goal oriented, physically active and optimistic person.  They'll commit to trying new things and making changes.  They will spend time on self improvement.

There bodies may be experiencing pain with movement.  They may not have full range of motion in one or multiple joints.   There may be a task they regularly have difficulty physically doing or recovering from.

They will have something specific that does not allow them to be as active or as effective in their goals as they'd wish.

This client will allow for us to work toward their own personal goals; where I can best support them.

Goals can be diverse! 

Anything from extending a career in landscaping, to sleeping better, to finally being able to do reps with that 75 pound dumbbell!

My goal is always to find the length of time-per-session and frequency of visits which will allow for achieving a client's goals while still accommodating their time, finances and any current physical limitations.

What goals can I help you with?

Have you tried a Therapeutic Massage yet?

With every passing day more people are finding therapeutic massage.
They finally lose their stress or they more comfortably live with an ongoing condition after feeling the lasting positive effects it offers them.

A Personalized Therapeutic Massage offers multiple techniques in one session, all harmoniously applied together.
Techniques are chosen by the therapist based upon what is discussed at your first session. As progress is made your sessions change and every massage always remains uniquely suited to you.

Aaron's work supports any person who seeks to thrive within their everyday life.


Take a look at the Techniques page to see all of the possibilities!

Time is well spent and most often treasured when your breathing is long, slow, deep and measured

Encourage your body to care for itself with a therapeutic massage