Introduction to the Zero Balancing technique

I volunteered at the AMTA sponsored "Intro to Zero Balancing" clinic in Portsmouth, NH on Sunday the 26th. It was a healthy diversion for me! I got to meet many warm and friendly therapists and was able to get a feel for what it can be like to attend continuing education courses.

This was definitely just an introduction to the Zero Balancing technique and not a lot of hands-on technique was actually covered.

Zero Balancing works from "the bone level" and utilizes the mechanics of fulcrums to try and create a balanced body structure and encourage the natural flow and function of energy channels within the body.

There were some thought evoking presentations that touched on the connection between a person’s "energy" and their physical body structure. A person can be in constant physical discomfort (or misalignment) and that can cause unrelenting inner turmoil if their body isn't in a state to properly channel away the onslaught of emotional stresses it encounters. If the unwanted energy has no path to leave the body, that negative energy instead just continues to circulate within a person.

There were a couple good hands-on exercises on becoming more aware of the connection between the client and therapist during a session and how simple or small variations in behavior can drastically affect the client's and therapist's experiences.

To learn more about this technique visit the official website;

I'll be looking forward to my next opportunity to help out with a continuing education class and I'll be sure to pass along anything worthwhile that I learn :)


Consider regular massage as part of your own self-care and as a way to become more familiar with your own body.

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Aaron Cubbage; Licensed Massage Therapist