Local newspaper article about the office

Dublin Advocate news article in the May issue;

Aaron Cubbage Offers Therapeutic Massage
By Rusty Bastedo

Aaron Cubbage Therapeutic Massage opened in February of this year in Dublin Village Park, but it was rather an indirect route to getting there.

Aaron is a native of Peterborough and a graduate of ConVal. When he was 18 years old, he interviewed for work and became an employee of ActivMedia Robotics, a Peterborough company working in the busy world of robotics. ActivMedia Robotics was one of two companies that split off from a single company called Real World Interface. (The other company that came out of the split is I Robot, the company most known for robotic vacuum cleaners.) Aaron worked at ActivMedia for several years helping to develop and build robotic wheel-based research platforms used by universities and for businesses with strong research functions and an innovative mindset.

After a few years Aaron moved on to Adept MobileRobots, in nearby Amherst, NH. The work was “cutting edge” and stressful in the rapidly developing field of robotics, and soon Aaron felt that the rest of his life (he is married and has a nine-year-old son) would be better served if he could work closer to home and with a more flexible schedule. A friend had persuaded him years before to experience a massage for relief of his stress, and Aaron was “hooked” after feeling the profound impact it had on him.

After investigating the field of therapeutic massage, Aaron enrolled in a 12-month, 775-hour course at the accredited NH Institute for Therapeutic Arts, in Hudson, NH. Then, looking around on the Web for a suitable place in which to begin his practice locally, he settled on Dublin Village Park.

As of this writing, Aaron Cubbage has several dozen clients, ranging in age from their early twenties to the mid-seventies. Each client is asked to fill out a single-page health history form, and then briefly meet with the therapist to discuss what is wanted from one or more massage treatments. There are many kinds of massage that have been developed over millennia to address many kinds of human needs, and precision in finding which ones will be most satisfactory to the client is important.


Consider regular massage as part of your own self-care and as a way to become more familiar with your own body.

Aaron Cubbage; Licensed Massage Therapist