You have earned this SO MANY TIMES over!

I've decided to work-in a few ways of helping you get through these upcoming full and sometimes difficult days.

1. I've added a "Quick and Powerful 'Sample' Massage"; an affordable option to get you on the table and realize the truly remarkable experience of a personalized massage.

2. During December I'm staying open a little later on Saturdays and I've added on Sundays.

3. If you don't see times that you are available to come in when you look at my schedule; I'll modify my availability as best I can to roll right along with you. Contact me directly.

4. I'm encouraging you to tell me how I can better serve you. Please give me your honest insights into what your barriers are which stop you from booking.

As the end of the year approaches, it's almost certain that your normal routine will become not so normal from time to time. Your work and home schedules are shifting, friends are in town visiting, and you're traveling to see loved ones. Whatever the situation, the holidays require us all to adapt to the busy season. 

Peterborough Schedule

Keene Mondays Schedule

Call or Text 804.803.1462

Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

Thank you all.
Aaron Cubbage; LMT; CMCP