Clinical Therapeutic Massage -   Our bodies are amazing and complex! Having a variety of techniques and modalities used within your massage therapy session can greatly improve the benefit of every session.

Each personalized appointment combines multiple techniques.
The therapist chooses the most appropriate techniques based upon the information gathered on the initial intake (at the first session).

Possible techniques include Orthopedic Massage, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular, Reflexology, Swedish, Circulatory, Lymphatic Drainage.

Techniques are chosen by the therapist based upon what is discussed at your first session. As progress is made your sessions change, and every massage always remains uniquely suited to you.

Neuromuscular Technique -   This technique is specifically designed to help improve posture by helping to correct structural dysfunction, it will relieve muscle tension, remove mental and emotional stress, and improve organ and glandular function.

The technique can be performed as more of a deep massage increasing the effect on muscle tissue or can be done lighter to balance and improve your Nervous system.

Reflexology -   Reflex points for various organs, glands and nerves for the entire body are found on the feet and hands. Massage of these reflex points using Swedish strokes, soft tissue manipulations, and pressure-pointing can help return body systems and functions to healthful balance.

This is VERY relaxing!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Proper lymph drainage assists in maintaining the integrity of the immune system and helps to strengthen the body against immune system insufficiencies, allergy symptoms, colds, arthritis, and many other inflammatory conditions that affect the body’s natural defense system. This is a systemic massage that uses Swedish strokes and other very light manipulations specifically to stimulate the lymphatic system. It can relieve congestion in lymph ducts and nodes, and restore and encourage proper lymph flow.

Circulatory Massage - The special-purpose technique of Circulatory Massage adjusts and redirects poor circulatory flow, and reinforces proper circulation. Besides being beneficial for many circulatory disorders, this Massage Therapy also promotes general well-being.

Chair Massage - Make any event or workday better!

Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair with your clothes on. It's an excellent option for addressing upper body muscle discomfort, muscle pain and restrictions, and will also be extremely relaxing!

Deep Tissue Massage -   Deep tissue work can be one of the most relaxing techniques to receive when done appropriately. It should never have to be overly painful in order to be therapeutic and effective.

This technique is done at a slower pace much of the time. The tissues located above the deeper ones need to be warmed and loosened first before being able to comfortably access the underlying deeper tissues.

Cupping Massage (ACE) -   Massage cupping bodywork is based on the common practice of Chinese cupping therapy, and the incredible results that this simple treatment produces have truly impressed those who experience it's subtle power.

By creating suction and negative pressure Massage Cupping therapy is used to soften tight muscles and tone attachments, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, bring hydration and blood flow to body tissues, and drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways..

This ancient technique of cupping has been adapted for bodywork and can be a very effective therapeutic approach for many conditions.
Massage Cupping is often chosen by practitioners when relieving chronic pain or range of motion at old injury sites. This versatile technique mimics massage movements ranging from deep tissue and myofascial release to the light pumping movements of lymphatic drainage.

Swedish Massage -   Swedish Massage is a therapeutic system originally designed to simulate the effects of Swedish gymnastics and thereby help to gain the benefits of the exercise.

Lighter application can provide some relief of arthritis by its very nature of improving cardiovascular functions and systemic drainage, it helps to cleans the body of toxins. It may be used alone or in conjunction with other modalities within a stress management program, or it may just be the appropriate way to bring the warmth and trusting touch of human hands to someone in need.

Sports Massage -   

Maintenance - Regular participation in strenuous sports or exercise regimens can put a great amount of stress on the body and can create problems over time. Adding regular massage into your training can act as a preventative to overuse injuries, essentially correcting problems before they present with symptoms or get worse.

Recovery - Uninjured athletes wanting a quicker recovery from a strenuous workout or competition can benefit with improved circulation and more efficient removal of waste products from their strained tissues while they experience mind and body relaxation.

Trigger Point Therapy - Soft tissue pressure point and reflex therapies are employed to produce either localized or large-scale bodily effects through the stimulation of specific points on and between muscle groupings.