Alicia Cubbage - Artist

As Picasso said, "Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life" and I completely agree. 

I dabbled in watercolor painting when I was in High school but sold all of my supplies and tools when I moved out of my Mom's house and didn't touch it again until 14 years later in May of 2013. After attending a weekend retreat where one of the activities was a watercolor painting of the chakras. My love of watercolor art was reawakened and I soon purchased some beginner supplies and started painting. I have since bought several books on watercolor painting and have been teaching my self the techniques that bring my paintings to life. I have enjoyed the transformation of my artwork and I am very grateful to share it with others. 

The creative process is a wonderful healing tool. It helps us connect to ourselves on a deeper lever by being in the present moment and practicing self expression.  Self expression is an integral part of a healthy body, mind and spirit, and artistic mediums such as painting allow for that expression in a very beautiful way. 

It is my hope that my love for painting will inspire you to your own creative expressions and as a result bring healing into your lives.

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               Alicia Cubbage

               Alicia Cubbage