Testimonials for Aaron Cubbage Therapeutic Massage

Aaron is professional and knowledgeable. It is clear he has a passion for massage therapy and using his skills to help people. I have experienced every type of massage he offers and each one addressed an issue I was dealing with at the time. Aaron knows how the body Works, so he knows which technique will help to alleviate discomfort and how to prevent the same issues from happening again.
— Anonymous
Absolutely the best, most “in tune” massage I have had. Aaron knows body mechanics and is very thorough as he intuitively heals with his hands.
— Brandie W.R. of Surry N.H.
Aaron Cubbage possesses a true gift for his line of work. The reflexology treatment I received from him was both relaxing and restorative. His gentle and respectful manner immediately put me at ease.

It was the most thorough and professional reflexology treatment I have ever received. And my foot massage was lengthy; a full session. Though Aaron was extremely precise and thorough, the pressure was never uncomfortable. And yet the areas of tension and the “crystals” were thoroughly massaged away. I always felt that I was treated with genuine caring.

I highly recommend Aaron’s massages to anyone who wishes to enjoy the full range of benefits.
— Alison S. of Francestown, NH
I was impressed with Aaron’s expertise, patience, and willingness to adjust treatment according to my feedback. Also appreciated the fact that he’s a good listener.
— Anonymous
Aaron is one of the best massage therapists I have ever worked with. I began going to him following an injury that had left me in a lot of pain. He listened carefully to my concerns, limitations and tailored the session to my needs.
Aaron is kind and considerate in his manner and his expertise in the massage techniques made a very big difference in my recovery. I experienced increased mobility, reduced tension and a decrease in the severity of frequent migraines.
I completely trust Aaron with my care and hope to continue working with him on my path toward wellness.
— D.S. of Hancock N.H.
It is evident Aaron knows his anatomy very well. Great massage along with people skills and professionalism. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.
— Kaitlyn S. of Dublin N.H.
Aaron has a great set of skills that anyone can find tremendous benefit from. Schedule just one massage and you will see what I mean!

There’s something profound and rewarding in the act of being listened to; being heard, and when it’s combined with skilled massage the result is very powerful.

Aaron proved to be attentive and personable while he listened to me explain what I was looking for out of my sessions, and then he gave examples of what techniques he would use that he felt would address each one of my goals. I had chosen to schedule a Personalized Therapeutic Massage.

Directly after the session I felt just incredible! Now some time has passed and my original concerns are back, but they aren’t as severe. Headaches are not unbearable for now like they were before the massage, and also my back and hips don’t keep me from falling asleep.

Guess I’ll have to see him again soon :-)
— Hope D. of Peterborough N.H.
Aaron is a great massage therapist!
Being about 8 months pregnant and having trouble with my sciatic nerve, Aaron was able to administer some relief and definite relaxation. Aaron is in tune and sensitive to the needs of his clients.
I recommend Aaron Cubbage LMT to anyone needing pain and or stress relief as part of their self-maintenance plan.
— Deana R. of Milford, NH
Today I received a Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) treatment from Aaron Cubbage. This was perfect for soothing residual nerve irritation following my prolonged illness.

Through careful stretching to realign my posture, lymphatic drainage sweeps and steady firm strokes, Aaron helped my body relax and feel more integrated and grounded. My breathing eased, too.

When receiving a massage from Aaron, I always sense care and healing intention motivating each movement. He welcomes feedback and applies just the right pressure to trigger points and muscle groups. This combined with his quiet friendliness and humor creates a special healing energy.
— A S. of Francestown, NH